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Neama Taher Al-Sayed

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Original Article

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Mathematics and Statistics


Odd generalized Nadarajah Haghighi exponential distribution; censored samples; asymptotic information matrix; balanced loss function.


Accelerated or partially accelerated life tests are particularly significant in life testing experiments since they save time and cost. Partially accelerated life tests are carried out when the data from accelerated life testing cannot be extrapolated to usual conditions. The step stress-partially accelerated life test is proposed in this study based on Type II censoring scheme and supposing that the lifetimes of units at usual conditions follow the odd generalized Nadarajah Haghighi exponential distribution. For the unknown parameters and acceleration factor, the maximum likelihood estimators are obtained. The balanced square error loss function as a symmetric loss function and the balanced linear exponential loss function as an asymmetric loss function are used to derive Bayes estimators based on informative priors. Finally, the performance of the proposed maximum likelihood and Bayes estimates is evaluated through a simulation study and an application using real data sets.

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