Aims & Scope

ABSB is a multidisciplinary academic journal supervised by the Basic Science Sector of Faculties of Sciences, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. ABSB is a Triannual international journal publishing high-caliber peer-reviewed research on a broad range of Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, Meteorology, and Chemical Engineering, and high-tech fields on the basis of its originality, scientific significance and whether it is of general interest.

Types of Articles:

  1. Original articles: Articles which represent in-depth research in various scientific disciplines.
  2. Short communications: Should be complete manuscripts of significant importance. However, their length and/or depth do not justify a full-length paper. The total number of figures and tables should not exceed 4. The number of words should be = 3,000
  3. Review articles: Should normally comprise less than 10,000 words; contain unstructured abstract and includes up-to-date references. Meta-analyses are considered as reviews. Special attention will be paid to the teaching value of review papers.
  4. Mini reviews: These are reviews of important and recent topics that are presented in a concise and well-focused manner. The number of words is limited to 5,000 words.