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Review Article

Subject Areas

Earth science


Core; El Morgan Oil Field; NMR Logs; Reservoir Characterization.


The main purpose of this work is to detect reservoir characterization of Hammam Faraun member of Belayim formation at North El Morgan oil filed based on integration of petrophysical and sedimentological studies. The work-flow in this study integrates multiple data evaluation techniques and multiple data scales by using a comprehensive interpretation of the available conventional, advanced digital well log data (large scale) and core analysis data (small scale). The petrophysical work shows the hydrocarbon saturation, shale volume and effective porosity are varied along reservoir. The NMR logs shows various clay bound volume, capillary bound water volume and free fluid content along the reservoir. The sedimentological work done includes core sample description, core log and ditch cutting description, that helped to understand facies distribution along reservoir zones, depositional cycles recorded in reservoir zones, relationship between different rock type and understanding the heterogeneity of the reservoir. Integrated petrophysical and sedimentological work lead to divide Hammam Faraun reservoir in to three zones (Hammam Faraun B1, B2 and B3 zones) which have different reservoir quality, facies type and lead to understand the behavior and production performance of each zone along area of study. By using petrophysical and sedimentological results we can outline possible opportunity areas as well as generate depletion development plan for the field to help in increasing field production through drilling new development wells and water injection wells.