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Earth science


Band ratio; Landsat 8; OLI; Wadi Hammamat.


In the present study, the Operational Land Imager (OLI) images have been used with several processing approaches for delineating the different rock units of the Wadi Hammamat area. To validate the remote sensing data, a geological map of the Wadi Hammamat area at a scale of 1:20,000 was produced using a Geographic Information System (GIS) and field research. The geological map of the research area has been improved and modified using several a variety of image processing methods, such as False color composite (FCC), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Minimum Noise Fraction (MNF), and Band Ratio (BR). The best band combination of FCC 761,762 and 751 RGB. The result of PCA is PCA1, PCA2 and PCA3 show well lithological differentiation, while the best result of PCA is PC5, PC2, and PC3. In which it can distinguish between the different types of Hammamat molasse sediments; Hammamat graywacke, Hammamat siltstone, and Hammamat conglomerate. A new proposed FCC band ratio (7/5,5/3&3/1) has been developed as a best lithological discrimination.