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Essa, Ahmed

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Earth science


Seismic attribute; Stratigraphic interpretation; Matruh Canyon; Western Desert; Egypt


Base Matruh Canyon is an erosional surface had an impact on the reservoir continuity of (Hauterivian age) (Alam El Bueib IIIG), the unconformity related to Matruh Canyon. It is a high risk, in case the unconformity surface does not delineate, several wells will drill with negative results. The main object of the study is working to delineate the Base Matruh Canyon within the lower cretaceous for Matruh basin, the delineation of Matruh Canyon is a key factor to apprise and develop the area. For this reason, the well data and the 2D seismic data were exercised to expose the unconformity surface. Fornaciari said that the available 2D normal seismic data does not help to track this surface and would not solve the stratigraphic complexity. Consequently, seismic attributes were applied to define the limit for the unconformity surface. The workflow started by well correlation, the synthetic seismogram was initialized, and the workflow ended by the delineation of Base Matruh Canyon by using the seismic attributes. The results are time, velocity and depth maps for Alam El Bueib IIIG Sand I and Sand II. The conclusion, relative acoustic impedance, instantaneous phase and variance attributes reveal the the geometry of the Base Matruh Canyon. Spectral whitening was used to increase the frequency spectrum, and it was used as input for relative acoustic impedance to differentiate between Alam El Bueib IIIG Sand I and Sand II. It is high area was highlighted as a lead to the South-East direction from Emry oil field.

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