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Salem, Safinaz

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Supergravity; Cosmology; General relativity; Extra dimensions; Calabi-Yau manifold


When N = 1 D = 11 supergravity is compactified on CY threefold to N = 2 D = 5 supergravity, the action of the last is given in terms of the geometry of the CY manifold space, namely, in terms of the hypermultiplets. There are zi (i = 1,...,h2,1) complex structure moduli in the moduli space of the CY manifold which’s a special manifold with a metric . We solve the field equations of the complex structure moduli with the solution of the Einstein field equations to the moduli velocity norm in the case of a 3- brane filled with radiation, dust, and energy embedded in the bulk of D = 5 supergravity. We get the time dependence of the moduli and the metric. Then we can further deduce the geometry of the moduli space by getting the potential that directly relates to the volume of the CY manifold.

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