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Abdo, Ashraf

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Review Article

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Earth science


Wadi El-Asyuti area; Digital Elevation Model (DEM); Electric resistivity soundings; Groundwater


Geo-electric and GIS data toWadi El-Asyutiarea, central Eastern Desert, Egypt have been used for identify the different lineaments and possibilities of the occurrence of the groundwater.Shaded relief maps were developed from the digital elevation model (DEM) which used for identifying the lineaments. Geomatica software extracted the lineaments at the final maps with NW-SE direction.Meanwhile the geologic fault trends derived from geologic map take NW-SE, WNW-ESE, N-S and ENE-WSW directions. Twenty two electric resistivity soundings were conducted in the study area and three cross sections. Drilled well is near from VES-22. Geo-electric and drilling results reflected three layers. The first one consists of Wadi deposit, friable sand, fine sand, clay and limestone. The second layer composed of clay intercalation with limestone and silt and the third layer consists of clay intercalation with sand and silt and represented the aquifer layer.

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