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Saleh, Aml

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Original Article

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Synthesis; Characterization; Catalytic reduction; Nitrophenol; nitroaniline


This work demonstrates the synthesis of Co(II) complex of a new imine ligand incorporated sulfonamide, and coumarin moiety. The ligand and its complex were characterized by elemental analysis, IR, 1HNMR, mass, UV-Vis spectroscopy, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility and thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA-DTG). According to the spectral analysis, the ligand, HL acts as a multidente donor coordinating through NONO donor sites. The Co(II) complex has tetrahedral geometry, and non-electrolytic in nature. The thermodynamic parameters as activation energy, enthalpy of activation, entropy of activation, and free energy of activation were determined via the thermal analysis. Furthermore, the ability of Co(II) complex as a catalyst was examined toward the reduction of nitrophenol, and nitroaniline in presence of NaBH4 as a reducing agent at room temperature. The results achieved in this investigation are valuable, and paves the way to use the metal complexes derived from heterocyclic organic compounds as catalysts for industrial applications.

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