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Ahmed, Gamal

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Moments of Inertia; Energy Staggering; Signature Partners; SD Bands


Three pairs of signature partners' transition energies of Thallium (Tℓ) odd mass superdeformed (SD) nuclei's (A ~ 191-195), were fitted with the experimental one using the Bohr-Mottelson four-parameter collective rotational model. We chose the Bohr-Mottelson four-parameter rotational energy formula because it has been reported that it has excellent compatibility with the γ-ray transition energies. The four model parameters were extracted using a suitable search program. Harris's method was used to calculate the superdeformed rotational bands' (SDRBs) bandhead spins. The values of the adopted parameters, which were obtained using a simulated fitting search software, were used to measure the rotational frequency, dynamic J(2), and kinematic J(1) moments of inertia to the transition energies. When compared to the experimental values, there is a great deal of agreement J(2) and J(1) have been studied as a function of increasing rotational frequency. The suggested staggering function was used to investigate the ΔI= 1 energy staggering in Tℓ odd mass SD nuclei.

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