Corresponding Author

Elgamal, Marwa

Document Type

Review Article

Subject Areas

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Ontology Construction; Natural Language Processing (NLP); Name Entity Recognition (NER); Semantic Web; Ontology Web Language (OWL)


Ontology is a descriptive model representing domain knowledge with robust specifications that solve interoperability between humans and machines. In this work, a practical methodology presented for Arabic Storytelling ontology construction for domain ontology extraction from unstructured Arabic story documents. However, the manual construction of ontologies is a time-consuming and challenging process. Still, ontology construction and learning, which extracts ontological knowledge from various data types automatically or semi-automatically, can overcome the bottleneck of knowledge acquisition. This paper intends to investigate the problem of automatically construct and build an Arabic storytelling ontology based on Arabic named entity recognition (NER) from unstructured story text. This paper presents a system designed based on Machine Learning (ML) approach. The system framework is a combination of five main stages: The first stage determines the requirement analysis—second document pre-processing using NLP tasks. The third is Conceptualization. The fourth stage is formal design and construction, and the final step is evaluation.

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