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Elmor, mohammad

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Chelon labrosus; Um-Hufayan Lagoon; eastern Libya; First record


A presence of Chelon labrosus was recorded for the first time in Um-Hufayan Lagoon (Libya) between November 2017 to January 2018. Samples were measured length (11.1 – 25.9 cm) and weighed between 25.594 - 166.647 g. The fish’s metric and meristic characters, relationship between total length and other morphometric measurements, condition factors were determined as well. C. labrosus distinctively by its depth as pupil diameter, four spines in first dorsal fin, mean while the second fin has a single spine and 8 rays, thick upper lip, 9 rays in anal fin. These inshore pelagic fishes swim along the shore, in schools. Spawning season in the winter, and feeding on great variety of food types . Juveniles feed on zooplankton; adults feed on algae, vegetal detritus and sediment . females grow faster than males, in the Mediterranean thick-lipped grey mullet get mature sexually at 35.5 cm, and maximum reported length was 60.0 cm . This euryhaline species enters estuaries, lakes and protected shores Caught by trammel net and purse seine in Libyan eastern coast. this species appears rarely in Susah coast in November annually.

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