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Farag, M.

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


sensitization; Glow curve analysis; Successive irradiation; Readout temperature


The reliability of reusing the sensitized thermoluminescence (TL) for LiF (TLD-100) dosimeters have been investigated. It has been found that reusing the same sensitized LiF dosimeters may influence the sensitivity of the dosimeters even under the same experimental conditions when the temperature readout range does not include the high-temperature TL signal at T > 505K. But, if the high-temperature TL signal is included in the temperature readout range, it has been found that the ultra-high temperature TL signal significantly increases with increasing the number of reusing the dosimeters. After almost 7 times of reusing the sensitized dosimeters, the total area under the glow-curve becomes stable and independent of the number of reusing the dosimeters. It has been also found that the TL signal located between the low-temperature TL signal and the ultra-hightemperature TL signal was almost stable over all the number of reusing the dosimeters. For all the lowtemperature peaks, the kinetics parameters of the sensitized LiF dosimeters have not to be influenced by reusing the same dosimeters. However, the activation energy of peak 5 which lies at temperature range (460-500K) has been influenced by the readout temperature range and reusing the dosimeters. The typical value for this glowpeak has been obtained in the case which the high-temperature TL signal has been included in the temperature readout.

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