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Hassan, I.

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Satellite; oblateness; earth’s gravitational force; luni-Solar force; ground Track


A several types of forces are acting on the satellite. These forces are classified into conservative and nonconservativeforce. The main concern in the present research work is to studding the effect of conservative forces on the satellite orbital motion and represent this effect on satellite ground track. Where the ground tracks are the locus of points formed by the points on the Earth directly below a satellite as it travels in orbit. A mathematical model and a program code is designed using Matlab package to calculate the perturbed ground track under J2 and luni-solar forces. Whereas the J2 and Luni-Solar are a conservative forces, the secular variation is presented only in RAAN and  . Otherwise the remaining orbital element is varies periodically. The perturbed ground track is calculated under the effect of J2 and luni-solar forces. The perturbed position vectors for a satellite are converted to its corresponding latitudes and longitudes. The satellite’s position in one revolution is displayed to represent where the satellite at the time desired.

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