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Kotb, N.

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


241Am-Be neutrons; HPGe; threshold reactions; activation technique; reaction rate


The aim of the study is to characterize 241Am-Be isotopic neutron source with 5 Ci activity and nominal neutron yield 1.1×107 n/s. The emitted neutrons were measured employing threshold multi-foil activation technique using the following reactions: 115In(n,n'), 58Ni(n,p), 64Zn(n,p), 27Al(n,p), 56Fe(n,p), 59Co(n,α), 24Mg(n,p), and27Al(n,α). The threshold reactions were selected based on their half-lives, adequate threshold energy and cross-section. The reaction rate of each sample foil is measured by detecting the gamma ray spectra produced as a result of reaction products decay. A hyper pure germanium detector (HPGe) is used for gamma-ray spectrum measurements. The obtained spectra were analyzed using Genie2000 software and the associated system absolute efficiency was calculated using Efftran software. Obtained reaction rates were compared with available published data.

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