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Mousa, D.

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Earth science


Source rock evaluation; Rock-Eval pyrolysis; Kerogen type; Hydrocarbon potentiality; Bahariya Formation


The present work deals with the identification of the generating capacity of oil generation and the hydrocarbon potentiality of the Bahariya Formation in Gebel El-Dist section and the Salam-1X well. This is depending on the organic geochemical analyses by using LECO SC632 and Rock Eval-6 pyrolysis techniques. The analysis shows that the studied samples of Gebel El-Dist are poor to fair organic richness, with poor hydrocarbon potentiality. The maturity evaluation using Tmax showed that the studied samples have immature thermal maturation not reaching the stage of oil and gas generation. Also, the analyses revealed that the studied kerogen is type III kerogen originated mainly from terrestrial plant debris and aquatic organic matter. The expected generated HC is mainly gas. The studied Salam-1X samples are poor to good organic richness, with poor to good source potiental. The studied samples are marginally mature to mature thermal maturation reaching the stage oil generation. The kerogen type is a mixture of type III/II kerogen derived mainly from mixed organic sources.

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