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Ammar, Yousry

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Original Article

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Isatin; thiazol-4(5H)-one; 4-thiazolidinone; thiosemicarbazone derivatives


In the present study, a series of thiazole derivatives bearing 5-morpholinosulfonylindole were designed and synthesized through condensation of 5-(morpholinosulfonyl)isatin (1) with some thiazolidinone derivatives as carbon nucleophiles to afford the corresponding arylidene derivatives (2-5, 7, 8). Furthermore, many thiazole derivatives (11-15) were obtained through the reaction of thiosemicarbazone derivative (10) with many reagents such as dimethyl acetelenedicarboxylate, phencylbromide derivatives, chloroacetonitrile, chloroacetylchloride as well as chloroacetanilide. The newly synthesized compounds were characterized based on spectral (FT-IR,1H NMR, 13C NMR, MS) analysis. Cytotoxicity effects of all synthesized products were tested against three cancer cell lines, MCF-7, HepG-2, HCT-116 and they showed moderate to good cytotoxic activity against the three tested cell lines. The study showed that compounds (2a, 12b and 12c) were less or almost equipotent as doxorubicin against the three cell lines HepG-2, HCT-116.

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