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Abd EL-Naby, Ahmed

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Original Article

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Experimental beach Seine; Juvenile fish; North Gulf of Suez; by Catch


The by-catch of the experimental beach seine operating in Eion Moussa coast, north Gulf of Suez during the period from autumn 2017 to summer 2018 was analyzed. The by-catch amount 3-5 Kg per haul composed of fin fish species (84.3%) and shrimp (15.7%). About 17 fin fish species belonged to 14 families composed of two categories 13 juvenile of the commercially important species (30.6 %) and 4 low valued species (69.4%). Leiognathus berbis, Leiognathus elongates, Stolephorus pacificus and Istigobius ornatus dominated the assemblage of 17 species and contributed 69.37% of all sampled fishes. About 41.19% of juvenile of the commercially important species were recruitment in summer 2018, 48.26% in autumn and spring and 10.55 % in winter.

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