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Araffa, Sultan

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Original Article

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Earth science


Euler; Rose Diagram; subsurface structures; gravity; Magnetic; seismicity


Delineating the structural features and tectonic hazard for the area under study represent the main target of the present study. Three geophysical tools are used to configurated the tectonic setting in the study are such as gravity, magnetic and seismic activity. Gravity measurements were acquired to represent about 201 gravity stations covered the studied area. Different gravity corrections such as drift, tide, latitude, free-air, Bouguer and Terrain corrections were performed using the commercial software Oasis Montaj version 8.3. The interpretation of gravity data indicates that different trends of structures for example; NW-SE, N–S and NE–SW trends where most of these fault elements are active faults according to seismic events which recorded on their locations. Also, 201 land magnetic stations were measured at same sites of gravity stations. The basement depth derived from the magnetic data has value between 744 m to about 4122 m.

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