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Earth science


Wettability Alteration; Nano materials; Enhance oil Recovery


The majority of enhanced oil recovery mechanisms purposefully alter the wettability of the reservoir rock from oil-wet to water-wet; to increase the amount of oil recovered from it. Wettability is the ability of a fluid to stick to a solid surface in the presence of other immiscible fluids. Wettability alteration is crucial as it affects the amount of oil recovered from a given reservoir. It was concluded that the Nano silicate and aluminum were the best Nano concentration from 1.0 to 4.0 g/L and Nano scale 28-32 nm to change the rock wettability form oil wet to water wet .By doing so these will be reflect on the amount of producing oil. So it can be increased oil productivity by wettability change from oil wet to water wet which was the target of our research.

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