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Salem, Mahmoud

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Original Article

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Chlorpyrifose; Glyphosate; hematology; Rats; Renal functions and Electrolytes


The present study aimed toevaluate the toxicity of chlorpyrifose and/or glyphosate and protective effect of vitamin C on some hematological and renal parameters in male albino rats. 110 rats were used in these study divided to 11 groups. The animals were treated orally with chlorpyrifose (7.5 and 15 mg/kg) and glyphosate (500 and 1000 mg/kg) on a daily basis for a periods of 30 and 60 days. Samples of blood and serum were collected at the end of the treatment. Alterations of hematological parameters were monitored by RBC, WBC, hemoglobin and PLTs. and renal toxicity by urea, creatinine and uric acid then estimated the electrolytes in serum (Na, K, Ca and Cl). The hematological parameters showed significant decrease in RBCs, WBCs, Hb and PLTs in all intoxicated groups. And the results also showed a significant increase in serum urea, creatinine and uric acid, K, Cl while a significant decrease was observed in serum Na and Ca level. on the other hand,these observations were ameliorated in intoxicated groups with vitamin C. In conclusion, it appears that vitamin C (as antioxidants) ameliorate the hematological and renal toxicity of Chlorpyrifose and Glyphosate or its

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