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El- Ghamery, Abbas

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Original Article

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Pollen morphology; Seed protein electrophoresis, ; fruit; SEM; Solanaceae


The pollen morphology and seed protein electrophoresis of 24 species, representing seven genera of Solanaceae were studied to determine the significance as taxonomic characters. Pollen morphological characters: including type, size, shape and ornamentation were investigated by using light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The pollen differed in type, size and shape and also seven types of ornamentation were recorded in the different species in this study. The storage seed protein was determined by using gel electrophoresis. The number of protein bands was detected with different molecular weights and ranged from 25 KDa to 77 KDa. The results of the two criteria were represented in the dendrogram which showed that species grouped into two major clusters, the first cluster (I) contains 12 species, while the second cluster (II) comprises 12 species and which can be divided into two groups. The results indicate that the morphological characteristics of pollen morphology and seed protein electrophoresis appeared to be of significant importance in differentiation and identification of studied taxa of Solanaceae.

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