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Elkady, Gamal

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Chitosan; Nanoparticles; Characterization; ionic gelation; ion removal; Adsorption; water


The aim of present study is to find an economic way for water treatment to remove iron and manganese ions usin-g nano chitosanNCS. The chitosan prepared from shrimp waste characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy andX-Ray Diffraction XRD. It’s molecular weight M.wt. and degree of acetylation DA also determined , it’s removal enhanced by decreasing the size in the nano size form using ionic gelationmethod with sodium tripolyphosphate TPP. The morphology of the nano chitosan particles were studied using Scanning Electronic MicroscopySEM and Transmission electron microscopy TEM, pattern and investigate the adsorption properties of Nano chitosan for the removal of Fe(II) and Mn (II) ions from the aqueous phase in a batch equilibrium system. The different variables affecting the adsorption capacity such as contact time, pH of the sorption medium, and initial metal ion concentration in the feed solution were investigated on a batch adsorption basis.The maximum adsorption capacity of Fe (II) and Mn(II) was 99.8 and from 95.3%, respectively at 5 g of the adsorbent dose after 20 minutes.

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