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Abdel-Wahab, H.

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Original Article

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


River water and sediments; water quality; ships floating


A twelve month measuring of some ecological factors: physic-chemical, heavy metals, organic matters and chlorophyll-a, were conducted for water and sediments in three sites: Cataract Hotel (Site1), Delta Isis (Site2) and Sakara (Site3), moorages of floating tourism ships in River Nile of Aswan Governorate. This study revealed that there is increasing in cadmium, lead, iron, zinc and phosphate and decreasing in dissolved Oxygen, in the three sites, than the permissible limit. According to law 48 (1982) for the protection of the River Nile and its tributaries from pollution, it is believed that there are a pollution of Nile water in three chosen sites may be due to many reasons discussed in details in this study.

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