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El-Molla, Sahar

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Original Article

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Fe2O3/MgO catalyst; Cu 2+ doping; Dehydrogenation selectivity; Nanomaterials


Nanoparticles of iron oxide supported on MgO were prepared by wet impregnation method with loadings varied over 0.02– 0.25 mol Fe2O3 to 0.1 mol MgO. The effects of Cu2+ doping on the surface and catalytic properties of Fe2O3/MgO system have been investigated. The extent of Iron oxide loading was fixed at 10 mol % and the CuO dopant concentration was varied between 1 and 7mol%. Pure and the treated samples were subjected to heat treatment at 500oC.The prepared catalysts were characterized by XRD, HRTEM, SBET-measurements and catalytic conversion of ethanol by flow method to yield ethylene and acetaldehyde. The particles of all samples have a uniform cube like with irregular shapes. Increasing the Fe2O3 content to 10 mol% led to increasing the catalytic activity and selectivity to ethylene formation, however, the activity decreases above this limit.Cu2+ doping increases the catalytic activity of Fe2O3/MgO catalyst t

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