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El Sohol area is lie north of Ibb city and Al Ta’akr mountain of Ibb with altitude 3000 m above sea level and lie south ofIbb city. This study is a phytosociological comparison between two areas which differ from each other in topography: A total of 111 species belonging to 51 families of were recorded in 29 sites of the studied area.Family Asteraceae was the most abundant family, comprising12 species. The families Acanthaceae and Euphorbiaceae represented by 6 species, eachLamiaceae represented by 5 species and Mimosaceae. Moraceae and Poaceae were represented by 4 species.The plant life form of the studied area showed that the highest recorded life form was for Phanerophytes constitutedspecies representing 37 % of the total species followed by the chaemophytes with 28 species representing 25%. Therophytes with 26 species representing 23 % . Cryptophytes with 13 species representing 11 % and Hemicryptophytes with only 2 species representing 1.8 % of total species of the work . From AlTa’akrmountain we can summarize the following: Community in plateau dominated by Pennisetum setaceum,near plateau was dominated by Rosa abyssinica in medium and high slopes, also very steep slopes were dominated by Hypericum revolutum, Wadi El Ganat communityArundo donaxwas dominated by in wadi bed, Ziziphus spina-christi dominated in the terraces , Acacia melifera and Acacia etbaica dominated in slopes.In Najed El El Bard,Ziziphus spina-christi dominated in wadi bed , Acacia asak dominated in the terraces of wadi,Acacia etbaica dominated in low slopes of wadi, and Acacia melifera dominated in medium slope of wadi.In El Gabal El Akhader .Ormocarpum dhofarense dominated the low slopes Euphorbia inarticulate dominated in medium slope and plateau of mountain,whileCynodon dactylon high slopes. DECORANA was used to clarify relations among environmental factors and plant distribution. ANOVA was used to detect the most signi��cant factors affecting species distribution. Moisture soilcontent andcalcium content were the most signi��cant factors in determining different ecological groups with P value = 000, followed by chlorides with P value = 0.003 and organic carbon with P value = 0.014 .

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