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Makhlouf, S. A.

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


point sources; experimental; fitting equation; MCNP; A mathematical calibration curve


The calibration of -ray spectrometer was performed by means of a set of certified standard point sources of energies thatcover the energy range of interest. The value of the absolute full energy peak efficiency "ab “ could be found by measuring“CR” experimentally and the use of the known value of “ A “. Also, it is possible to calculate “ab” for a certain source todetector distances (D) by using Monte Carlo [MC] simulation method.The obtained results indicated that the fitting is identical to the experimental curve and MCNP calculations, that is boththese two methods (experimental and MCNP) can be used to extend the curve to cover the high energy range. It is possible todrop any line energy inside the used energy range to estimate the absolute full energy peak efficiency, (for example, the energies185.7, 1001 and 1275 keV corresponding to the sources 235U, 238U and 22Na). However, it can be estimated by usingany method from the previous methods (experimental or MCNP in addition to the fitting equation).

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