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El-Kady, Gamal

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ladle refining furnace; desulfurization; deoxidation; sulfide partition coefficient


This research aims to optimize of the desulfurization process through the ladle-refining furnace in the melting shop ofAbu Zaabal for Industrial Engineering Company. The Optimization of desulfurization process has been studied in the LadleRefining Furnace of the melting shop with respect to the amount of desulfurizing agent, deoxidation power of Silicon, Stirring energy, and the temperature as well as The composition and the sulfur content of slag have been determined to calculate the partition coefficient of sulfur at different deoxidizer content, and different content of desulfurizing agent. Y. Yang and Sosinsky- Sommerville modelshave been used to determine the deviation between the measured and computational method for sulfur partition coefficient. The results refer tothe desulfurization efficiency of lime is entirely dependent on the oxygen content. On the other hand, the desulfurizing rate has its maximum value at 0.25% Si. The stirring energy has a linear relationship with the desulfurizing rate, as well as the desulfurizing rate has its ultimatum at 1893K. Eventually, the measured sulfur partition coefficient has closed values to that have been calculated from the Oxygen activity considered model.

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