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Khalil, Ali

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4-Thiazolidinones, thiazolo [3, 2-a] pyridines; and anthracene


2-(4-Oxothiazolidin-2-ylidene)acetonitrile and ethyl -2-(4-oxothiazolidin-2-ylidene)acetate (1a,b),were condensedwith anthralaldehyde(1:1 molar ratio) and gave 4,5-dihydro- 4-oxothiazole derivatives (2a,b).Refluxingof 2-(antharacene-9-yl-methylene) malononitrile in acetic acid with thioglycollic acid gave(3).4-Thiaz -olidinones containing bis- aryl methylidine moieties(4a-c) and (5a,b)were produced via condensation of either(2a) or (3) with aromatic aldehydes(1:1 molar ratio). Heating of (2a) with α-substituted cinnamonitriles gave the expected substituted thiazolo[3,2-a] pyridines (6a-d),(7) and (9a-c). Thiazolo [3,2-a] pyridine enamino- nitrile (6a) was refluxed with formic acid and phenyl hydrazine to form the corres-ponding thiazolo [3,2-a] pyridine derivatives (10) and (11) derivatives respectively.The structures of the prepared compounds were confirmed by using spectroscopic techniques; IR; 1HNMR ;13C NMR and Mass spectroscopy. Also, Anibactreial and antifungal activity were evaluated for some of synthesized compounds.

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