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Ramadan, Mustafa

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Original Article

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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Groundwater; Themotolerant faecal Coliform; Thermotolerant faecal streptococci; Physicochemical parameters


Sewage is the primary source of faecal contamination of groundwater with pathogenic bacteria. Protecting groundwaterfrom microbial contamination is a top public health priority, This study deals with evaluation of groundwater wells, groundwater well based-plants, in Alfath lying in Eastern area of Nile Basin, Assuit at summer 2014 with assessment of presence ofthermotolerant faecal coliform and thermotolerant faecal streptococci bacteria as a potent indicators for faecal contamination,we used a multiple-tube fermentation or membrane filtration for enumerating themotolerant faecal coliform and thermotolerantfaecal streptococci using most-probable-number (MPN) index. This study consisted of a total of 75 water samples obtainedfor routine testing at summer 2014, there are 5 water wells not suitable consuming as drinking water for human, 3 expulsion ofwater well plants (Alfath-Alkadema, Bani-Talib and Arab-Moteer) need to sterilization or replacement and renovation. Physicochemicalparameters were determined for these water samples.

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