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A.G.A., Abdelkawy

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


atomic data-Sun; abundances-Sun; photosphere


We study the solar photospheric abundance of singly ionized neodymium (Nd II) using high resolution spectroscopic dataobtained by Fourier transform spectrograph (FTS). Based on the Local Thermodynamical Equilibrium (LTE) assumption,a new value of Nd abundance is derived. We succeed to select of 51 solar Nd II lines with accurate transition probabilitiesmeasured experimentally by Den Hartog et al. (2003) and with accurate damping parameters are determined from literature.Relying on atomic data of Opacity Distribution Function (ODF), we construct theoretical photospheric solar model.The meansolar photospheric abundance obtained from all 51Nd II lines is log εNd= , which is mostly similar to the meteoricvalue.

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