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Khalil, E.

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waste water; hardness; Cation exchanger; calcium; Magnesium; Regeneration


The produced water from cation exchanger regeneration processes has been enriched by calcium and magnesium salts(very hard water). In this research, extraction of calcium and magnesium salts in the form of magnesium and calcium hydroxide (Lime) will carry out during adjusting pH of cation regeneration wastewater by adding anion regeneration wastewater. The extracted salts were dried and characterized by using chemical analysis, IR spectrum and X-ray analysis. Results indicated that an increase in the addition of anionic wastewater to cationic wastewater up to 60% caused a decrease in total hardness, magnesium hardness and calcium hardness concentrations in cationic wastewater up to 80%. However, the maximum percentage recovery of calcium salts obtained at pH values between10-11, while those of magnesium salts were between11-12.

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