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Abu El-Liel, Ibrahim

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Original Article

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Earth science


Landsat Thematic Mapper (ETM+); supervised classification; Ratio Images; Egypt


Wadi Um Gheig area comprises a variety of Neoproterozoic rocks including serpentinites of ophiolite assemblage,metavolcanoclastics, schists, metavolcanics and metagabbro of island arc assemblage. The migmatite and gniesses representhigh grade metamorphic rocks. The syntectonic fresh gabbro, as well as tonalite and granodiorite in addition to the late to posttectonic granitoids are recorded. Lithological mapping in the Wadi Um Gheig is carried out by using Landsat Thematic Mapper(ETM+) image enhancement techniques including RGB band ratios and supervised classification. In the present study newproposed band ratio (7/1, 3/1, 5/7) with the supervised classification are used and proved a good efficiency for discriminatingand mapping the different rock units in the Wadi Um Gheig

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