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A. Wetait, Mohamed

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Original Article

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Earth science


KabAmiri area; Stream Sediments; Heavy minerals; Th- and U-bearing minerals


This study provides an information about the heavy mineral composition of stream sediments of Wadi Kab - Amiri, WadiKab Um El Abas and Wadi El Saqia in the central Eastern Desert of Egypt. Geological and mineralogical investigations revealthe significant potential of the stream sediments in all the wadis for radioactive anomalies. Mineralogy of the heavy mineralseparates includs variable contents of rare metal-, Th- and U-bearing minerals. Monazite, thorite and allanite are recorded inaddition to several Nb-Ta-bearing phasess. Electron microprobe and EDX analyses constrain on the variable contents of Thand U in most heavy minerals under investigation. Considering the proximal radiometric anomalies and similar mineralogicalcomposition of the KabAmiriintrusion and the more significant episyenitemass, it is concluded that the investigated streamsediments are endogenic sediments with inherited radiogenic and mineral budget.

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