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Ibraheem, Awad

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Original Article

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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


optical model; Elastic scattering; Halo nuclei; folding model, Glauber model


In the frame work of the cluster folding model, for the first time, the 6He+12C real folded potentials are derived using newforms of the nuclear matter density of 6He nucleus based on α+2n or di-triton configurations. The angular distributions ofthe elastic scattering differential cross section at energies 38.3,41.6 and 82.3 MeV/nucleon are reexamined using the generatedpotentials. Comparisons between the extracted and measured angular distributions of the differential cross sections arepresented. Satisfactory reproduction of the data is extracted by using the square Woods-Saxon (WS2) form instead of the usualWS shape without need to renormalize the derived potentials. The resulted reaction cross sections are also investigated andcompared with the optical limit Glauber model predictions.

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