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Toner removal; Paper surface; Laser printer; Optical tests


In this article, organic solvents are applied to a range of toner- paper combinations to determine their ability to remove toner. Paper sample printed from HP Laserjet 2300dn is soaked in 300 mlof 17 alone solvent and 133 solvent mixtures for 30 minat room temperature.Visual effect of solvent on toner and paper can be classified into 6 groups A, B, C, D, E and F.The effect of varying the solvents proportions in the mixture is explored. Solvents give good dissolving results for paper sample printed from HP Laserjet 2300dn applied on paper samples printed from different brands and same brands of different models.The evaluation of removal efficiency and re-usability of paper and its application in document forgeryare performed by optical tests on paper surfaces. Also the effect of solvents on mechanical, physical and optical properties of paper is studied. Removal of toner from security paper and its using in creating forged documents is applied in this study. Optical tests and SEM examination indicate that it is possible to remove toner from paper without damaging and discolouring the substrate.

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