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Earth science


Engineering geological; liquid limit; Badr City; Swelling pressure; rock mass; soils


The study was conducted to assess the index properties and characterize soils and rocks of badr City, as well as their effects on the construction stability. Geological, engineering geological and geotechnical condition of the rocks and soils was studied on the bases of field description and laboratory analysis. It aims also at providing an alternative solution for the expected concerned problems of these shallow facies. From these facies clay layer which has an obvious dangerous effect on the building construction and on any other establishments. The claystone consists of kaolinite, montmorillonite and illite types. The liquid limit ranges from 49 to 175 %, the plastic limit ranges between 20 and 42 % and the shrinkage limit ranges between 9.88 and 13.3 %. The values of the free swelling of the studied samples are ranging between 98 and 180 %. The swelling pressure ranges from 3 to 6.2 Kg / Cm2. Claystone of study area can be classified as inorganic clay of high and extremely high plastic soil.

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