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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Antimicrobial agents; ACTINOBACTER SP


The production of several volatile substances like Geosmin responsible of the characteristic wet earth odor distributed in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, especially in soil. Members of this group are produce clinically useful antitumor drugs such as Anthracyclines, Antimetabolites, Arzinophilin, Mitomycins and Vancomycins . DNA cleavage by topoisomerase I or II inhibition , Mitochondria permeabilization inhibition and inhibiting tumor-induced angiogenesis . Isolation , Purification of Actinobacter from different sources and Determination of biological activities ( Antimicrobial / Anti-tumor ) . Optimization of production media ( natural and synthetic) of the promising bioactive compounds ( Antimicrobial / Anti-tumor ). Finally, Determination of the anti-tumor activity of the bioactive compound (s) of Actinobacter against different tumors.

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