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isolation; Antimicrobial; ACTINOMYCES SP


Actinomyces are one of the major group of the actinomycetes , they are important in soil biodegradation by the recycling of nutrients associated with polymers such as keratin, lignocelluloses and chitin , produce several volatile substances and exhibit diverse physiological and metabolic properties , such as the production of extracellular enzymes. Many of these secondary metabolites are potent antibiotics, which has made Streptomycetes the primary antibiotic organisms exploited by the pharmaceutical industry. Members of this group are producers, in addition of clinically useful antitumor drugs such as vancomycins, peptides , aureolic acids , enedynes and antimetabolites and they exert antitumor activity by inducing apoptosis through DNA , inhibition of key enzymes involved in signal transduction like proteases or cellular metabolism and in some cases by inhibiting tumor induced angiogenesis. Detection of radio activity of the most potent actinomyces, optimization of production media of the promising bioactive compounds. Determination of the antitumor activity of the bioactive compounds of Actinomycetes against different tumors.

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