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Asphalt; polyurethane; polymer modified asphalt; asphalt polyurethane coating


Recently, the application of asphalt in coating purposes presented in different ways. On the other hand polymers are used to improve the properties of asphalt to use in coating purpose. Although asphalt has low cost, high cohesive nature, rheological properties and high thermal resistance but it is not practically used in coating, this because the long curing time of asphalt on the surface of the substrate which Inappropriate industrially, also asphalt need to additives to improve resistance to chemicals. So the aim of this research is to use polyurethane to improve asphalt properties to produce low cast, high qualified asphaltic materials for coating application. To achieve this aim, after characterization of raw materials by FT-IR for both asphalt and polyol (caster oil), determination of OH number for caster oil, caster oil has mixed with asphalt of type 60/70 in different percentages as 5, 10, 15, 20&25 % by the total weight of mixture. After determining the OH number, these samples act as polyol to prepare asphalt-PUR materials with different ratios of isocyanate material (MDI) to polyol material (caster oil). The ratios were (1.1:1, 1.2:1, 1.3:1, 1.4:1). After adding the equivalent amounts of MDI, different samples of asphalt-polyurethane coating materials were obtained. These samples were applied as coating materials on the surface of carbon steel, and then visually, mechanically, chemically tested. The results revealed that the 1.3:1 NCO/OH is the best ratio.

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