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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Radiotherapy (RT); Monte Carlo simulation code (MC simulation code); the Percentage Depth Dose (PDDs); Treatment Planning Systems (TPSs)


Monte Carlo simulation (MC simulation) is considered the golden standard for radiation transport. In order to calculate the dose by Monte Carlo simulation based on treatment planning systems (TPSs), the detailed geometry of the medical linear accelerator (linac) treatment head components must be accurately modeled. Thus in the present work, photon and electron beams from Varian trilogy machine were simulated using Monte Carlo method. Simulated Percentage depth doses (PDDs) and profiles were compared to measurement for both photon and electron beams. We have presented simulated PDDs and profiles for 6 MV photon beams with 4 x 4 cm2, 6 x 6 cm2, 10 x 10 cm2, and 20 x 20 cm2 field areas, we also presented simulated and measured 6 MeV electron beams for 6 x 6 cm2, and 10 x 10 cm2 field areas. Analysis showed good matching between the simulation and measurement. It can be concluded that Monte Carlo code was capable of modeling both photon and electron beams. It was shown that Monte Carlo simulation is a powerful tool in radiotherapy (RT) research.

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