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The sub family Pselaphinae (Ant-like litter beetle) is belonging to family Staphylinidae,(order: Coleoptera). It is a small sized beetles and is comprising about 230 genera and 9000- 10000 species all over the world (Newton, and Chandler 1989). In old taxonomy the family Pselaphidae were divided by Jeannel (1955)into six sub families, but now sub family Pselaphinae latreille 1802 is a sub family of Staphylinidae. The group was originally regar-ded as a separate family, named Pselaphidae. Newton and Thayer (1995) placed them in the Omaliinae group of the family Staphylinidae, based on shared morphological characters. In present time Brunke et al. (2012) divided the family Staphylinidae into 23 sub families. For example Aleocharinae, Omaliinae, Osoriinae, paederinae and Pselaphinae. The adult feed on various molds. They are nocturnal and generally are found in concealed moist places, in decaying plant material, under Park, in logs, in rooting woods, under stones, in ant nests, or in mammal nests. The larvae are predacious feed on small organisms such as mites or earth worms. (White 1983).The most important work on pselaphids, including classification, keys, distribution and economic importance were given by Pearce 1957, Orlando, 1954, Maurice, 1939, Lobe, 2009, Porta, 1929 ,White 1983 and Watson and Dolwitz 2003. In Egypt, the only faunal work, was by Alfieri, 1976. The present work aims to present the first comprehensive taxonomic study of the Egyptian Pselaphinae and provided with a key to the genera and species.

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