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Acrylic fabrics; Reactive dye; N-methylol compound and fastness properties; FTIR; tensile strength and elongation %


Acrylic fabrics are printed with anionic dyes i.e reactive dyes using finishing agent, N-methylol dihydroxyethylene urea (N-MDHEU) as a cross linker. Different factors that affecting on each of dye fixation as well as color yield are studied. Tensile strength and elongation % are investigated. The theoretical and applied aspects of fixing coloration of acrylic fabrics colored with reactive dyes by using new cross linking agent in the form of n-methylol compound are studied. The printed fabrics were evaluated for color yield and fastness properties. It was found that addition of (N-MDHEU) in printing past gave good printability with reactive dyes after using faxing agent (CIBAFIX). The tensile strength and elongation of printed fabrics have been improved. The effects of the addition of (N-MDHEU) in printing past are characterized by infrared spectroscopic.

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