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Polyesteramide blend; Asphalt cement; Asphalt cement blend; Inhibition of steel protection


The blending of a resin with asphalt cement is a simple method for improving the properties of anti-corrosive paints for the protection of steel. This paper outlines the potential of using asphalt cement blended with polyesteramide resin, for use in paints. Asphalt cement is the most extensively used economic coating material, whereas long polyesteramide resins are predominantly used for air, and force-dry, industrial coatings on metal surfaces. The aim of the research was to blend the two materials together with the objective of reinforcing the positive properties of the resin and attempting to compensate for the resins areas of weakness. The formation of modified functional asphalt cement was based on the fine dispersion of a polyesteramide resin within the asphalt cement, for which the chemical composition of the cement is of key importance. The degree of modification depends on the properties, content and nature of the polyesteramide. The coating blend was characterised using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the performance of the coating blend panel was evaluated for mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The results obtained confirmed that blends of asphalt cement and polyesteramide resin were effective binder materials for industrial coating applications.

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