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photocatalysis; Direct Violet; azo dye; Decolorization; Vanadium; MFI zeolite


Vanadium modified zeolite was synthesized using the chemical liquid deposition (CLD) and wet exchange methods refer by V/ZCLD, V/Zwet . The obtained materials were calcined at 550°C and characterized using XRD, FTIR, and nitrogen adsorption. The characterized materials were applied for the photo-decolorization of direct violet-4 (DVO-4) as a member of azo dye family, in aqueous medium using hydrogen peroxide and/or UV irradiation (254 nm). The effects of time and catalyst concentration on the decolorization of DVO-4 dye were investigated. The decolorization of (DVO-4) dye and the decreasing in concentration of the dye have been followed using UV–vis spectrophotometry. Results showed that the addition of V/ZCLD, V/Zwet and H2O2 to the dye solution enhanced the rate of degradation. The decolorization followed the pseudo first order kinetics model and a significant mineralization of (DVO-4) was observed.

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