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microwave; cellulosic fibers; Natural dyes; Turmeric; tea; dyeing


The dyeing of cotton and viscose fabrics using turmeric and tea as natural dyes was investigated by both conventional and microwave heating methods. The extractability of turmeric and tea from natural origin using microwave was evaluated in comparison with traditional heating. The results of dye extraction indicate that microwave power is rather effective than traditional heating at low concentration and short time. Factors affecting dyeability of fabrics such as dyeing time, dye concentration, microwave power, and the aid of mordant were studied. The results of fastness properties of the dyed samples were good to excellent. The isotherm of dyeing revealed that the enhanced of dye uptake achieved in the second phase of dyeing (diffusion phase). The values of dyeing rate constant, half dyeing time and dye affinity were calculated and discussed.

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