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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Thermoalkalophilic bacteria; Lipase; physiology


Bacillus brevis-B2 was selected as the most patent lipase(s) producer among nine thermoalkalophilic bacterial isolates isolated from agro industrial wastes at 70oC and pH 10.5. Of the tested nutrient medium, tap water containing 1% fish wastes and 1% yeast extract is the best inducer for lipase synthesis by B. brevis B2. Maximum enzyme biosynthesis could be obtained after 24 hr of incubation. The optimal pH and temperature for enzyme formation are 11.5 and 70oC. Enzyme yield increased in presence of sucrose or lactose in the nutrient medium, also the presence of 100 ppm zinc sulphate and 500 ppm folic acid supported high induction of lipase by B. brevis growing under shaking condition and inocula size of 2ml/100ml culture medium. A very slight increase in enzyme formation occur under exposure of bacterial isolate to 1 KGy of γ-irradiation.

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