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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Electrophoresis; Fat Sand Rat; Psammomys obesus


Aim of the work: In the present study we revised the taxonomy of the mammalian species Fat Sand Rat Psammomys obesus inhabiting the Coastal Desert of Egypt by using protein separation to establishment the pervious taxonomy or not. Material and methods: The study includes electrophoresis on serum, liver, kidney and muscle proteins of three subspecies of desert rodent Fat Sand Rat Psammomys obesus. Results: The serum protein separation of subspecies terraesanctae and subspecies nicoli has the same number of proteins while in subspecies obesus has the small number of proteins. The liver protein separation of the investigated subspecies is different from each other in the number of proteins. The kidney protein separation of subspecies nicoli and subspecies obesus showed that the same number of proteins while subspecies terraesanctae has the smallest number of proteins. In the muscle of femur bone, the protein separation in subspecies nicoli, terraesanctae and obesus had the same number of proteins. As a result of the high similarity between subspecies obesus and terraescantae, must be collected in one subspecies called obesus and the third subspecies still as it nicoli.

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