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salinity; Wheat cultivars


Four wheat cultivars of Giza 9, Giza 7, Sakha 94 and Sakha 61 were cultivated under increasing NaCl levels (0.0, 50, 100, 150 and 200 mM NaCl). The tested morphological characters of shoot and roots (fresh and dry weights as well as, shoot height of the cultivars indicated that as the salinity stress increased lower values of the tested characters elucidated. The tested cultivars showed different capacities toward salt stress, and they can be arranged in the following order according to their efficiency toward salt stress: Sakha 94> Sakha 61> Giza 9 > Giza 7. Under the same conditions the cultivars showed decreased values of P, K, Ca and increased Na accumulation in their shoots and roots. As for cultivar more tolerant to salt stress lower decreases of all the tested elements were determined in their shoot. However, their roots showed adverse results lower values of P, K, and Ca than the less salt tolerant cultivar. These indicate lower translocation of P, K, and Ca from the root to the shoot of the more tolerant cultivars as compared to less tolerant cultivars. The less tolerant cultivars accumulate more Na in their roots and shoots than do the more tolerant cultivars.

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