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tannic acid; NYLON 6 FABRIC; Cationic dye


Nylon 6 fabric was pretreated with polar surfactant, tannic acid and subsequently dyeing with the cationic dye (Rhodamine B) solution as well as emulsion phase. The emulsion phase consisted of n-hexadecane emulsified by isopropyl alcohol and stabilized by tannic acid/Rhodamine B complex. Different factors affect the pretreatment and dyeing process have been studied. Moisture regain, tensile strength, elongation and binding stiffness were investigated. The colour strength values showed that the pretreated fabric with tannic acid which dyed with cationic dye solution as well as emulsion system were enhanced. However, dyeing the nylon 6 fabric using emulsion system improved the dyeability and fastness properties. Interestingly, the dyed fabrics with cationic dye emulsion system exhibited excellent fastness properties aftertreating with the commercial anionic fluorescent whitening agent Uvitex RSB 150%. FTIR spectra have been studied.

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