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Botany, Microbiology and Zoology


Water stress; fenugreek; SDS-PAGE; Gene expression; growth hormones


In the present study, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) seedlings were divided into three groups, the first of which was allowed to grow under normal irrigation conditions (full field capacity), the second under moderate water stress (50 % of the field capacity) and the third under severe water stress (25 % of the field capacity). With the beginning of stress treatment, the seedlings of each group were subdivided into four subgroups. The first represented control, the second sprayed with GA3 (1000 p.p.m), the third with IBA (100 p.p.m) and the fourth with kinetin (100 p.p.m). After two weeks of treatment plants were collected for measurement of plant growth and analysis of leaf proteins to study the effect of water stress and some of the plant growth regulators on growth and gene expression. Some of the growth characters were retarded by water stress. Growth regulators improved the growth of plants under normal irrigation conditions and could overcome some of the adverse effects of stress on water stressed plants. Some alterations on the leaf-protein SDS-PAGE patterns were observed in plants in response to the effect of water stress and the application of growth regulators. GA3 treatment resulted in the appearance of two novel bands under normal irrigation and disappearance of the stress induced band. IBA resulted in the disappearance of a band that presents in the corresponding control while kinetin resulted in the over-expression of another band.

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